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I Made it in San Diego

There’s a personal story behind every business. Some succeed. Some fail. Many do both. I Made it In San Diego will introduce listeners to the stories behind the city’s small and well-known businesses, and the people who made them what they are today. It’ll delve into the triumphs, tough times and lessons learned along the way – as well as stories unique to San Diego’s technology and border economy.

Mar 16, 2018

Entertainment and hospitality is one of the top 10 industries in San Diego.

Because hotels play such a big role in our region, their owners have some political power.

In a new episode of I Made It in San Diego, a VOSD podcast about the people behind the region’s businesses, I talk to hotelier Elvin Lai about...

Mar 8, 2018

Last year, $9.4 billion flowed to defense contractors in San Diego.

At the helm of one of those local private firms getting some of those military dollars is David Inmon, the CEO of Redhorse Corporation.

In a new episode of I Made it in San Diego, a VOSD podcast about the people behind the region’s businesses, Inmon...

Feb 16, 2018

For music engineer Justin Watson, music has always been a part of him.

Growing up in Detroit was tough. He lived near the stretch of highway known as the 8 Mile Road, in a neighborhood where everyone and everything was about work. Watson, who goes by Jay Wat, had to grow up fast. Music kept his family tight.


Feb 8, 2018

Ilisa Goldman thinks it should be easy for a group of neighbors to spruce up a vacant, city-owned lot with seating, shade, art and other simple amenities.

Instead, they often end up having to claw through a series of bureaucratic barriers and many simply give up, or avoid the ordeal entirely.

Goldman is the landscape...

Jan 17, 2018

Moving sucks. Mike Glanz went all in on that basic premise and ended up running an online moving business in Oceanside that now pulls in about $8 million in annual gross revenue.

A decade ago, most people were either renting their own trucks or hiring full-service companies and paying them thousands of dollars to do...